Company History

C4L has a great story behind its development into an industry challenger, this growth did not happen overnight and has taken dedicated time and effort to reach the success it has now.

Throughout our history, C4L's goal has remained the same to provide exemplary reliability across all of our services, ranging from colocation and connectivity, to the newer cloud-based services such as virtual private servers, virtual data centres and elastic cloud computing.

C4L was established in 2000 by Chairman, Matt Hawkins, and has since maintained a track record of rapid growth every year due to continuous progression through innovation.

Our client base includes Government, FTSE 250, financial institutions and many of the UK's network carriers. At C4L, we're committed to customer satisfaction and quality of service and have achieved certifications such as ISO9001 & 27001.

History Timeline

This diagram below displays the timeline of C4L as a company and the story of the Founder and CEO as the company leaders.

Leadership Team

Entrepreneur & Chairman, Matt Hawkins

Matt founded and launched his own business at the age of 25, and through continued success, now owns his own high speed terabit network and has one of the largest Data Centres in the South. Matt is a highly motivated workaholic, with a burning ambition to help save our planet, and an attraction to high risk adrenaline sports, including rock climbing, snowboarding, and water sports with hopes to soon climb the Himalayas, swim with sharks and throw himself out of an aeroplane...

When he is not climbing or flying down mountains around the world he is dedicated to his business. Matt founded C4L (Connexions4London) 15 years ago where the team have continued to experience rapid growth.

Today, C4L's headquarters occupy four floors of the prestigious County Gates House situated on the borders of Bournemouth and Poole. C4L also owns its own data centre, housing 15,000 square feet of very sensitive data for banks, businesses and technology companies from across the UK and Europe.

In addition to County Gates House, Matt also has customer deployments around the UK and C4L now has access to over 100 Data Centres in the UK and more than 300 globally.

CEO, Simon Mewett

Matt's team is headed up by friend and associate Simon Mewett, who joined C4L as CEO in September 2012. Simon's main objective on arrival was to re-focus the strategy of the business, improve its structure and prepare for massive growth to drive C4L's profitability, removing the responsibility of day to day running of the business from Matt, allowing him to fully focus on innovation, strategy, products and business development.

Simon comments, "As the Chairman and Founder of the business, it was difficult for Matt to relinquish control, but with the right skills and team around him, the business is able to grow successfully." With Simon at the helm as CEO, Matt can now channel his talent and passion into developing pioneering improved technologies for C4L. Simon adds, "There is such an energetic atmosphere and passion here at C4L across our teams and that creates a great working environment."

The team at C4L consist of nearly sixty highly motivated, dynamic individuals that help shape the future of C4L and share Matt and Simon's passion to continue the business growth which has got it to where it is today.

Several of Matt and Simon's team have been with C4L for many years and are also good friends. C4L's services and technical team occupy the 7th floor of County Gates House and provide 24/7 business critical support and secure monitoring of the network 365 days of the year.