As industry leaders our Chairman and CEO are regularly interviewed by the press on a variety of topics, our company news is covered by many agencies and sites whilst our adverts are distributed to award-winning publications.

The Business Magazine report on Matt Hawkins as a Southern Entrepreneur

8 October 2014

The Business Magazine published an article on Southern Entrepreneurs and reported on Matt and his history, drive and out of work hobbies.

Network Computing report on BGP Routing Table with C4L's Technical Director Alex Cruz Farmer

30 September 2014

Network Computing Magazine print opinion article on BGP Routing table by C4L's Technical Director Alex Cruz Farmer, discussing what went wrong on 512K day

The C4L Main Stand at AFCB appears in The Sun Newspaper

28 September 2014

C4L are very proud to support our local championship team by sponsoring The C4L Main Stand, the team are doing so well that the stand was featured in The Sun Newspaper on Sunday 28th September.

Networking+ talks to C4L's DC Manager Phil Wrightson on Data Centre efficiency

26 September 2014

Rahiel, Editorial Director of Networking+ spoke to C4L's expert for opinions on what an energy efficient DC means and how to get the right balance

NCN reports on C4L being Connectivity provider for BFX Festival

24 September 2014

C4L were the official Technology Partner for BFX Festival, providing large connectivity for students to stream their work and showcase their talents to the likes of DreamWorks, Pixar and Disney Media Houses.

Mobile News reports on C4L's £1m scheme for Startups

23 September 2014

Mobile News took interest in the 'no-catch' scheme for Start-Up businesses to receive up to £10k each of free C4L services - many of which are crucial elements in business efficiency and security.


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