Two New Cloud Services Enable Partners to Maximise on Infrastructure Opportunities in the Cloud

Data centre and connectivity services provider C4L today announced two new cloud services designed to give resellers the opportunity to provide customers with the exact IT infrastructure they need under a price plan that suits them. Using C4L's Infiniserv cloud services C4L's partners can now deliver virtual infrastructures ranging from single private servers to a whole data centre’s worth of machines, together with pricing plans ranging from per-minute to annual billing and in-house management of resources. This grants resellers the ability to be flexible, expanding their customer base by providing the precise services customers need: from a single website server to an entire IT infrastructure. C4L's cloud services can be backed up with total transparency, strict security policies, guaranteed CPU capacity and 100% guaranteed dedicated leased line connectivity so that customers can be fully assured the services resellers provide are reliable.

"Early concerns around the cloud look set to become distant memories, with many studies showing 2012 is the year the technology starts to become the great equaliser of the 21st century. The channel should be looking to maximise on this by offering customers of all sizes access to IT resources while helping them lower CAPEX and OPEX costs and generating recurring revenue streams for themselves," said Pete Hill, Virtualisation Business Development Manager at C4L. "Our Infiniserv offering is packaged in a way that is easy to understand and its pricing is transparent for customers, allowing partners to benefit from clear margins. C4L's cloud services also provide the flexibility resellers need to offer businesses to truly take advantage of the cloud, together with the quality of service that our customers know and trust us for."

Alongside an established VMware vCloud offering, C4L's expanded cloud portfolio offers partners two additional solutions based on its Infiniserv product line. These will help IT systems integrators migrate their customers to the cloud with greater control and flexibility:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) - An entry-level physical server replacement service, VPS grants resellers the ability to provide customers with a private server connected to C4L's own high-speed fibre network. This offering is perfect for resellers with customers that only need a single server, for example to host a website, as it provides sufficient capacity, reliability and connection.

Virtual Data Centre (VDC) - VDC is an infrastructure replacement service, capable of replacing an organisation's entire IT estate. The service is instantly expandable and can be accessed from any location. The channel can offer this to customers looking to take advantage of the cost savings cloud computing can provide: for example, by providing an expandable, easy-to-manage infrastructure that can be used by multiple branches of a single organisation.

C4L cloud services can be provided with per-minute, monthly or annual billing with discounts of up to 25% offered for long-term commitments. New customers are also being offered further discounts in the form of free data transfers for the first three months after signing-up as part of C4L's cloud services launch strategy. IT systems integrators can also offer customers comprehensive migration support if needed, to ensure that customers' IT infrastructure is replicated and running as desired.

C4L's cloud services offer partners the tools to provide guaranteed security, transparency and connectivity. Furthermore, the cloud services' infrastructure uses dedicated leased lines connected to C4L's own fibre network, meaning that resellers can deliver a 100% Service Level Agreement as well as the fastest possible connection speeds. By housing infrastructure in C4L's own data centres, resellers will have the ability to provide a consistent level of physical security designed to meet the demands of the strictest IT departments. C4L cloud services are also completely transparent about data location, meaning that resellers can provide complete confidence to customers on exactly where their virtual servers are located.

"The simplicity, flexibility and ease of access to cloud computing means that users will feel more secure than ever with access to the tools they need," continued Pete Hill. "Our offering gives the channel what it needs to help customers reduce costs while profiting themselves with a recurring revenue stream. Our services are an excellent first step for resellers looking to take advantage of this brave new world."

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