At C4L we pride ourselves in giving our customers as much information as possible to enable you to make an informed buying decision. In doing so, we offer a range of resources including; data sheets, brochures, white papers, and infographics.

Corporate Brochure

As a leading UK colocation and connectivity services provider, this brochure covers our service portfolio as well as the benefits of choosing C4L as your infrastructure provider.

Bournemouth Data Centre Brochure

This brochure covers the benefits that the Bournemouth data centre provides, ranging from dual power options, to resilient connectivity and everything in between.

Partner Network Brochure

In today's market you need to offer more than your competitors by expanding your service offering, to ensure you don't get left behind. This brochure covers the benefits our Partner Network can provide to your business.

Selecting a Data Centre - Key Considerations

This paper aims to provide essential information for those looking to move their IT infrastructure to a data centre facility. As both public and private data centres are expanding at an exponential rate, we explore in detail what to consider when contemplating a move to colocation services.

Recommendations and Considerations for Companies Transitioning to the Cloud

This paper highlights key considerations for companies who are looking to take a step into the virtualised world, and goes on to provide recommendations for those considering cloud computing as a means of operating their IT infrastructure.

Monitoring and Improving Your Data Centre Efficiency

This paper explores the ways in which companies may monitor and regulate the energy usage of data centre operations, which will in turn produce a more efficient facility and reduced data centre expenditure.

How to reduce your organisation’s IT costs

This infographic poses both questions for consideration, and delivers answers as to how organisations may reduce their IT costs through colocation.

How to improve your organisation's IT efficiency

This infographic suggests ways in which organisations can improve their IT efficiency - aiming to benefit both those who currently colocate within a data centre environment, and those who host their IT estate in house.

How to reduce your organisation's IT risks

This infographic highlights the risks and threats posed to organisations' IT infrastructures in today's world, aiming to suggest preventative actions and solutions.

Benefits of Southern Colocation

This infographic provides information on the benefits of colocation within the Southern region - aiming to benefit those who are considering the area as either a primary or secondary location.

How to implement a successful data centre migration

With core business services reliant on IT, a data centre migration can expose businesses to significant risk. This infographic identifies steps that need to be implemented prior and post migration.